Epraise is based in the Cathederal City of Exeter in Devon. Originally created 7 years ago by Ben Dunford, we're extremely proud of what we have created and how far we have come. Below is a brief history of how epraise came to be what it is today.

2016 - Homework and more

In 2016 we launched our hugely popular homework add-on, allowing teachers, students and parents to manage homework in a much simpler, easier and quicker way. We released a new Android app to compliment our iOS app that we're constantly adding new features to. We were also really excited to introduce our new Get Involved feature, where students can sign up to take part in clubs and activities within school.

The 2016 version of epraise, with a redesigned menu system and quick launch icons.

2015 - Going mobile

In 2015 year we spent a long time making our site much more mobile friendly and we released a simple iOS app. We redesigned all of our badges and images and added or updated over 150 features. In January, we attended the BETT show and were shortlisted for the ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching award. We also launched a new site, www.eparents.co.uk, designed to support parent-teacher communication.

The 2015 version of epraise, with an improved layout and new badges.

2014 - The big rebuild

2014 is the year that epraise went beyond just being a rewards system, to a system capable of helping teachers organise their class. Through tools such as the marksheet and classnotes for setting homework, epraise is now way ahead of the competition. We also spent a lot of time on rebranding and redesigning epraise to make it easier to use and much better looking!

The 2014 version of epraise was redesigned to make things much easier for staff and students.

2013 -Integration Options

2013 was the best year yet. New features such as the MIS Link, LDAP logins, activities, classroom tools, seating plans, FSM/G&T/SEN anaysis, student photos and much more were added. By the end of the year 75 schools were using epraise. We also won our first award.

Winning an award at the Express and Echo Business Awards 2013

2012 - Growing quickly

In 2012, the focus moved towards teachers adding points directly into the system. Milestones, accolades, certificates and reports were all added along with many other great features. 2012 was also the first year that epraise attended the BETT show as part of 'Innovation Alley', where it was very well received. By the end of the year, around 35 schools were using epraise.

The September 2012 version of epraise introduced the idea of achievement badges.

2011 - Innovative features

During 2011, several important features were added, including the live stream, achievements and milestones which were quite unique compared to anything else available at the time. By the end of 2011, 6 schools were using epraise.

The September 2011 version of epraise introduced the idea of achievement badges.

2010 - A new business

In September 2010, three schools started using epraise to help motivate their students. It was a very basic system were students claimed their own points using unique codes and then were able to purchase prizes from a shop that the schools ran. During this year, APIs, student profiles, draws and charitable donations were added to make the system much more appealing to schools.

The epraise dashboard, as it looked in September 2010.

2009 - A bright idea

When awarding commendations to students Ben realised that his school was wasting a lot of resources on a paper based reward system, which wasn't motivating any students other than the new year 7s. He decided he could come up with something better and after some discussion and trials, epraise was born.

The first version of epraise was very simple, but transformed how schools awarded points.

2006-2008 - Teacher training

After learning what it means to be a teacher, Ben went to teach at a large secondary school in Devon. During this time, he worked with South West Teacher Training on their website and created the 'portal', revolutionising the way that trainees evidenced their lessons by putting everything online. 7 years on and South West Teacher Training still use the systems developed during this time.

The SWTT portal revolutionised the way trainees collected their evidence.