Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us.


How much does epraise cost?

Epraise is great value for money. Please click here to see our subscription charges for 2017.

What is the tie in period?

We don't believe in tie-ins. You pay a years subscription upfront, but if you don't want to continue the following year that's fine.


Can we have a look at the site before we purchase it?

Definitely! We would be more than happy to give you a free demo by showing you around the site and answering any questions you may have. Just send us a quick message to let us know you're interested and we can arrange a time that is good for you.

Set up

Is epraise easy to set up?

Absolutely - most schools are up and running very quickly. Each school uses epraise slightly differently, so it's difficult to say exactly how long it takes, but it's certainly hours, not days or weeks!

Do we need to have the MIS Link Kit?

Not at all. Most of the schools using SIMS, CMIS or Progresso are now using the MIS link, but you can just use simple CSV files if you don't want to use the link, or have a unsupported MIS.

Can we use our existing network logins?

Of course - you'll just need to add the network settings to epraise and adjust any firewalls as appropriate.

Can parents access the site?

Yes, you can either choose to set up logins for parents or not. When parents log in they see an overview of how their child/children are doing and they can also see the latest activities the school is running. You can also set your site to send notifications to the parents, when their children reach certain milestones.

Can we show negative behaviour?

You have the option to be able to remove points for negative behaviour by selecting ‘Demerits’ whilst you are setting up the site. You can specify the reasons for the demerits for example ‘No homework’ or ‘Poor timekeeping’. If you prefer, you can chose to just record these negative behaviours without taking away points.


How can I keep updated with any changes happening to epraise?

You can follow us on social media and keep to update with the latest changes and improvements to epraise. We're on both Twitter and Facebook. Our customers also get regular updates from us via email, and you can join our mailing list by getting in touch.

What support will I get when using the site?

We aim to make epraise as easy as possible to use and if you ever have any queries we will be on the other end of the phone or should you wish to email us then we aim to reply within a couple of hours at most. Our team stay in regular contact with the schools we work with to make sure they have all the support and guidance they need. We also have plenty of documentation and resources to help schools with the set up and day-to-day administration of the site.


Can we customise what we can see on our site?

There are loads of ways for you to customise what is visible on your site - examples of optional features that you can turn on or off are:

  • The shop
  • Draws
  • Charitable donations
  • Achievements
  • Accolades
  • Milestones
  • Leaderboards
  • Marksheets
You can also customise many features, for example you can limit the length of the leaderboards, or you could change what graphs and charts are shown on the dashboard.


Can we customise the point categories and number of points awarded?

It's really easy to customise the point categories and number of points from the site settings page - just write down the different categories you'd like to have.


Who sets up/runs the shop?

The shop is set up and run by your school. You decide on the items you want to sell/stock and then the amount of points each item is worth.

What if we don't want to have a shop?

The great thing about epraise is that you can control how you want it to work. The shop is optional and can be turned off or on at the tick of a box. You also have complete control over the items stocked within the shop.


What information can we print off?

Loads of information is printable. For example, you can create and print certificates for students when they reach certain milestones (you can customise these certificates to fit with your school style). Some schools choose to print off the individual student profiles for parents evenings or students reports.

What information can be used on our website / displays around the school?

Any of our graphs and charts can be set up to display on the monitors that you have around your school or your website using simple APIs.

What type of school is epraise aimed at?

We have every type of school we can think of using epraise; secondary schools, middle schools, primary schools, private schools, special schools, behaviour units... Because the system is so flexible, you can set it up to work for your students, no matter what their ages, abilities or backgrounds are.