• Highgate Wood School

    Highgate Wood School and Sixth Form Centre, London

    "I just wanted to feedback on the new epraise system. I think it’s a fantastic tool for parents and children, the key being effective communication on how my child is getting on at school. In the last week for example I’ve managed to encourage her to try to ensure she hands her homework in on time, I had no idea that previously she wasn’t! Well done for the implementation and rolling out of this brilliant system.” "

    Anon, Parent

    "I would like to express my thanks and state how grateful I am for the school to have systems like these installed. You have empowered me with information about my child’s progress and now I can have a positive impact on my child’s education. Thank you.” "

    Anon, Parent

    "Just to say that am finding this really helpful and easy to use. Thank you!” "

    Anon, Parent

  • St Lukes

    St Lukes, Devon

    "Epraise is amazing value for money and the customer service is outstanding!"

    Kate Humpherys, Teacher of Science

  • International School of Monza

    International School of Monza, Italy

    "The epraise system is one which brings to life a reward system and truly unifies parents, teachers and students in achieving this. It is able to do this through its simplicity of use for all members. It is a system which has already had a hugely positive impact on our school in many ways and the continual developments to include assessment grades and feedback to classnotes is proving the value and impact of the system even further."

    Andrew Ackers, Vice Principal

  • Tupton Primary School

    Tupton Primary School, Derbyshire

    "Epraise has been a big hit with pupils, staff and parents. Now all children are rewarded fairly for hard work and good behaviour and they love saving up their points and buying prizes. Best of all it is so simple for staff to manage - we love it!"

    Katherine Richards, Deputy Headteacher

  • Heathfield Community School

    Heathfield Community School, Somerset

    "The technical support from epraise has been fantastic. When setting up the system in our school, Ben and his team couldn't have been more accommodating. As a result, epraise was eased into our school and enthusiastically received by staff and students."

    Natasha Rand, Senior Leadership Team

  • Kettering Science Academy

    Kettering Science Academy, Northamptonshire

    "Epraise was simple to set up and continues to be simple to use by staff, students and parents. Even without setting up half of the things it is capable of, epraise fits nicely into our school system."

    Hazel Dodd, Head of House

  • Prestfelde Prep School

    Prestfelde Prep School, Shropshire

    "Epraise has radically altered our rewards culture. Pupils love having access to their own achievements they own the system as much as the teachers do. From a teaching point of view the time saved by using this system has been worth the investment add to that all the extras it activities its a no brainer!"

    Simon Sowden, Head of ICT

  • Exmouth Community College

    Exmouth Community College, Devon

    "We were early adopters of epraise and as one of the biggest schools in the country this was a brave move with such a young product. We have not regretted our decision at all and have always been brilliantly supported by epraise and are impressed by the developments of the product which keeps their user base firmly in mind. Both students and staff are very supportive of the product and enjoy using its various easy to understand functions. It's great!"

    Richard Childs, Senior Manager

  • The Hathershaw College

    The Hathershaw College, Greater Manchester

    "Epraise is an outstanding rewards package for any school. MIS integration allows for ease of use by all staff and the easy and quick maintenance of an up-to-date system. The usability and functionality makes epraise a breeze to use; whole classes can be awarded points in less than 60 seconds and students can be rewarded for extra-curricular activities by issuing epraise points tokens and epraise certificates/reports.

    The customer service is some of the best around for any educational product I have used. The developers continually improve the system and respond to comments by schools regarding additional features.

    Epraise allows for analysis of pupil groups such as SEN, Disadvantaged, EAL, More Able etc., and it is easy to track how often students/teachers engage with the system and how they actually use it. The shop facility is regularly used by students and they regularly donate thousands of pounds to charity through their epraise points, most recently for Children in Need 2014. I would thoroughly recommend this system having trialled several of the other ‘big name’ online rewards packages. This is certainly, by far, the most value for money product on the market."

    Ashley Travis, Assistant Principal

  • Coombeshead Academy

    Coombeshead Academy, Devon

    "A system that is user friendly providing students with rewards and recognition in 'real time' for their hard work both in and outside of lessons. Simply brilliant! Thank you!"

    Brian Whiffen, Assistant Headteacher

  • Millbrook Academy

    Millbrook Academy, Gloucestershire

    "I can't rate epraise highly enough or say enough good things about it. It's had a huge impact at Millbrook Academy and it's a praise system that the students really care about - not an easy task!"

    James Shackley, ICT Systems and Learning Technologies Manager

  • The Vyne Community School

    The Vyne Community School, Hampshire

    "Epraise is a fantastic system that is very simple and quick to use. Since we introduced epraise the frustrations of an inconsistent rewards system have vanished. The data the system produces allows us to monitor usage and set up competitions across the school. The additional functions are updated and new ones developed regularly which allows us to tailor the system to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend epraise as a fantastic rewards system and more."

    Zoe Light, KS3 Leader

  • d'Overbroeck's College

    d'Overbroeck's College, Oxfordshire

    "Epraise delivers a great, easy to use rewards system for both staff and students. Students are keen to see how their 'House' is performing and the live dashboard is a great motivator! Excellent back up support has helped us to introduce and run an effective rewards system that has helped motivate students and staff."

    Mary Stephenson, Head of ICT

  • West Somerset College

    West Somerset College, Somerset

    "epraise has been easy to install and use and has made our rewards systems come to life. It's greatest asset is the willingness of the epraise leadership to listen to and accommodate new ideas. It is always developing and subscribing schools feel that they have some ownership of it through having their ideas recognised and acted upon. I do not feel that I have bought an 'off the shelf' package, instead I feel that we have a package tailored to our needs."

    Robin J. Wichard, Assistant Principal

  • Fenton Community Primary School

    Fenton Community Primary School, Pembrokshire

    "At Fenton we have noticed a positive change in behaviour brought about by a desire to earn points for self and for house. The children love the epraise assembly - the recognition and achievement. Staff feel a sense of 'control' and a sense of instant reward.The children love it. It works. Get it!"

    Jeremy Evans, Principal

  • The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

    The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Essex

    "Epraise continues to impress and motivate all stakeholders at the school. It is quick and easy to use, cost effective and highly functional. It has made a very big impact in the short time we have had it and we look forward to continue using it."

    Mark Duncan, Assistant Headteacher

  • Kings Norton Girls School

    Kings Norton Girls School, Birmingham

    "I've recommended epraise to a number of schools and I only recommend things that I believe in. Pupils are very engaged and visit their epraise accounts regularly. "

    Peter Steele, Senior Leader

  • Wolverley CE Secondary School

    Wolverley CE Secondary School, Worcestershire

    "Thank you for making the change to an online rewards system so easy and personal. Your customer service and support has been brilliant. I would unreservedly recommend epraise to anyone. The students have gone mad for it and are in the throes of choosing all their end of year prizes."

    Suzie Bourne, Leadership Team

  • The Purbeck School

    The Purbeck School, Dorset

    "Wow! You never fail to impress me with your brilliant customer service - thank you!"

    Leanne Symonds, Head Teacher

  • Southbrook School

    Southbrook School, Devon

    "Our staff and pupils are loving using epraise and the launch of it has been very successful. It’s so easy to use and really engages the pupils."

    Matthew Day, Assistant Head

  • Trinity High

    Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre, Worcestershire

    "Since its introduction epraise has been a huge success! Thank you!"

    Faisal Khawaja, E-learning and ICT Infrastructure

  • Northallerton College

    Northallerton College, North Yorkshire

    "Thanks ever so much to everyone at epraise for your excellent service and support over the last year. epraise has really caught on with the both the staff and students here and we look forward to another great year."

    Rob Hall, Network Manager

  • Pershore High School

    Pershore High School, Worcestershire

    "As you can see epraise has been very popular at Pershore. We love giving points out and have very quickly got most staff using the system, which in a large part is as a result of how flexible you have been to meet our needs, as well as how intuitive the system is. "

    David Brookes, Head of Geography

  • Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico Academy, London

    "epraise is quite simply brilliant. Students love getting points, seeing which teachers have rewarded them, and then spending them on well deserved treats in the shop. The graphs and leaderboards really encourage students to strive for the best and they have extra incentives along the way earning achievements and meeting milestones. Using school data means that staff love it just as much as the students, easily seeing their class groups, and having everything there for them as soon as they log in. epraise has been so much better than any points system that we have used before. They always listen to customers suggestions and they add in new features to really help the system work for schools. Great value for money – a must have for school rewards. "

    Aimée Holt, Pastoral Administrator & Frog Technical Manager

  • Millbrook Academy

    Millbrook Academy, Gloucestershire

    "Having worked with many different software companies, I know there is often a big difference between what is promised and what is delivered. It's really great to work with someone that delivers. I'm dead impressed - thanks a lot!"

    James Shackley, ICT Systems and Learning Technologies Manager

  • Our Lady and St. Chad Catholic Sports College Logo

    Our Lady and St. Chad Catholic Sports College, West Midlands

    "epraise has had a massive impact on our school. Both staff and student love it for so many reasons. Staff love the ease at which you can create groups, award 100s of praise points in seconds and use the promise of points to encourage effort levels and positive behaviour for learning in lessons and reward students for making progress. epraise is also being used to improve attendance and punctuality. The automatic link to the House system is brilliant and students and staff love the competitive element between tutor groups, year groups and houses. epraise is a great tool for creating a robust system of praise and rewards."

    Paul Taylor, Assistant Head Teacher

  • Our Lady and St. Chad Catholic Sports College Logo

    Rimrose Hope Primary School, Merseyside

    "We're delighted with the system, it has motivated children and staff alike. It seems the constant updating and streaming of information is a real motivator for the children"

    Lawrence Crilly, Head Teacher

  • Plymouth College Logo

    Plymouth College, Devon

    "Our epraise is up and running for our year 7s. Thankyou so much for a terrific system. The teachers were so impressed. It took just 10 minutes of our first day meeting to show them and hand out stickers and many approached me afterwards and said what a great idea it was - 'the best idea for years' from one teacher. There was a real buzz of enthusiasm and excitement from the teachers and the students. So I can't thank you enough. We'll be rolling it out to the whole school in September, 6th form included as they didn't want to be left out."

    Andy Norris, Rewards Co-ordinator

  • Winton College Logo

    Winton Arts and Media College, Dorset

    "At Winton College we have been using epraise for a half term. The impact on the rewards culture at the College has been transformational. During our recent Ofsted inspection epraise was highlighted under the behaviour & safety section as an area of strength. Students have really brought into the epraise culture and enjoy taking ownership of logging the points on the website. Teachers have embraced the system as it involves much less work and has provided them with an easy route through to reward the excellent work students are producing at the College. The functionality of the website continues to grow and the communication between the College and epraise has been excellent. I would recommend epraise to other schools believing it to be a low stress - high impact solution for raising the profile of rewards across any school."

    Ben Antell, Assistant Head Teacher


    Ofsted recently visited Winton Arts and Media College, and commented on the following:

    "Good behaviour, with very popular reward systems for effort and progress, has increased motivation and students are taking more responsibility for their learning."

    "New reward systems, through postcards home, 'e-praise' and 'the cool 40' are appreciated by all year groups, generating a healthy sense of competition and motivation to do well through exceptional effort and commitment. "

    "You told us that the new systems for rewarding effort and managing behaviour have transformed the atmosphere in school and that lessons are no longer disrupted by poor behaviour."

    Ofsted - Inspection of Winton Arts and Media College, 13 - 14th March 2012

  • Dubai British School

    Dubai British School, UAE

    "Thank you for your help over the year you have been a massive asset to DBS. epraise had really helped us to reward students and changed the way we think about praise and rewards as a school.I met with another talerm schools deputy head over the last week and he is very keen. Another school asked for details to take into an SLT meeting and plan on visiting us in September. The future seems bright for epraise in Dubai and the UAE! We are really happy with the service we have received over the past 6 or so months and look forward to further collaboration come September."

    Neal Oates, Rewards Co-ordinator

  • Dawlish Community College

    Dawlish Community College, Devon

    "epraise is a great 'low cost' alternative to other platforms currently on the market place. The ongoing excellent support and friendly ethos from the company is high class. We look forward to working with epraise to develop the platform further."

    Mr D Clemens, Rewards Co-ordinator

  • Okehampton College Logo

    Okehampton College, Devon

    "We have been using epraise at Okehampton College for 4 weeks now. Praise Points are awarded every single lesson and both teachers and students love the system. We are working with Ben to continue fine tuning the website for our specific demands and it has been a very positive experience. Our students are coming up with ideas for items in the praise shop, which is very easy to run, and we have even used epraise to increase student involvement in our Environment Club and on several Community issues. Students really like receiving the tickets and entering them online, most of our IT lessons start with an opportunity to enter points. It has proven beneficial for Tutors when mentoring their tutees as well as promoting competition between tutor groups and Houses. Ben made it very easy to set up and it virtually runs itself now. We love it!"

    "There is a real buzz in the school at the moment and it's all thanks to you."

    Nicola Ferguson, Leadership Team

  • Tiverton High School Logo

    Tiverton High School, Devon

    "From my experience the epraise system has overall been a very successful reward system for pupils in ICT. It has been very motivational for all pupils across key stage 3 regardless of age and or ability. Pupils also really enjoy monitoring their progress and the progress of their class, house and friends via the epraise webpage."

    "From my point of view it has been easy to use and very quick to administer. Most importantly, the kids love this scheme. They are motivated by it, ask questions about it, check the stats on-line and are very positive about it. All the students appreciate the 'real value' prizes on offer and have responded accordingly. I think the epraise scheme has created quite a buzz with the kids and I would very much want to continue with it. From a technical viewpoint all the KS3 students have now seen this software and seem to find it very easy to use."

    "epraise has proved very popular with students. The teacher can concentrate on "catching them doing something good"; the administration is very easy. No paperwork, storing of evidence and collation of findings is the way forward. Students like the immediacy of the system; they feel they have ownership of their rewards. They like the visual feedback in terms of how they, their tutor group and house are doing. For the first time ever I heard students talking about which house was winning and how many and when the draw would be taking place. The integration of epraise within the VLE is excellent. The modifications that the ICT department has devised are very effective and require students to actually read their feedback in order to find out if they have been awarded an epraise point."

    Robert Stevens, Head of ICT

    "The epraise system has many technical advantages over any of the current disparate systems we currently use to record and log positive behaviour. The system is live and therefore gives an immediate and current snapshot of house and pupil points, all this without the need for hard pressed teachers or admin staff to do anything at all other than give out the points. The current standings can be displayed on the school website or on strategic displays around the school very easily without taking up too much time of the IT support team, and totals can easily be added to Thursday Bulletins by Bev without any collation or counting at all. The whole system is bespoke and therefore can be modified to our specific needs without too much trouble or cost. It is possible to demerit a point if the recipient should so deserve at a later date. We have set up a basic notification in the school's VLE which notifies students they have earned an epraise point for learning via their assignment feedback, a simple solution which should greatly increases the chance of students reading their feedback for every assignment they submit. If required this is something we could easily disseminate to teachers in other departments with the possibility of encouraging more use of the VLE, certainly for homework assignments."

    "There is still work to be done in fully integrating the system into the life of the school but the epraise system could and should in my opinion replace all other methods of points or tickets being handed out, from house points to uniform tickets. Because of the prize draws the pupils take ownership of their own points in a way which previously hasn't been possible and the chances of winning an iPod has generated much interest amongst the students."

    Simon Forder, Network Manager