Our school rewards system is designed to motivate students by recognising the great things they do. Students are awarded praise points online, making things a lot quicker and easier than the traditional paper-based school reward systems. It's not just about saving time though - this system is jam packed with features such as leaderboards, achievements, milestones, certificates, clubs & activities, the shop, draws and charitable donations which help make motivating students easy. We've also got loads of tools integrated into epraise to help teachers, such as marksheets, homework tools and seating plans.

Seating Plans

Will it work with our existing rewards system / house points system?

Epraise is designed to work with any existing reward system. It's very flexible and most features can be switched on or off as you wish. You can customise it to do what you want - for example some schools use it for house competitions, other schools don't use houses at all. Epraise can either compliment or replace any existing school reward system and you get to decide exactly how you want it to work.

For students

  • Be awarded points for working hard at school
  • Get badges for completing tasks set by your teachers
  • Compare your achievements against your peers
  • Receive certificates & reports showing your achievements
  • Spend your points in the online shop

For teachers

  • Award points to your students in seconds
  • Handy seating plans, including details such as SEN status
  • Classroom tools, such as a timer, student picker and grouper
  • Access datasheets - ideal for parents evenings
  • Set homework in epraise, leaving students with no excuses

For parents

  • See how your child/children are doing
  • Receive notifications when they reach milestones
  • Check out what achievements & accolades they've received
  • Find out what rewards are on offer at the school
  • See overviews of how the whole school is doing

For school leaders

  • Live statistics on how students are doing
  • Compare groups such as SEN, FSM and G&T
  • Complete transparency on how points are awarded
  • Behaviour tracking to help monitor students causing concern
  • Detailed exports for data analysis

So why is epraise better than other online reward systems?

This one is easy! We have more features and functionality than the other school reward systems and we're better value for money. We think we're easier to use - but don't just take our word for it, have a look at what our customers think on the testimonials page. We encourage you to check out the competition, so you can see how much more we can offer your school.

Over 98% of our schools
said epraise has improved student achievement
Over 98% of our schools
said they would recommend epraise to a friend
Over 99% of our schools
said students enjoy using epraise
Over 20 million points
have been spent in the shop...
... And over 3 million points
have been donated
Over 80 million points
have been awarded so far
13 countries around the world
use epraise
We have over 275,000 users
across the world

What about epraise as a behaviour monitoring tool?

Our system is great at quickly recording low level behaviour for analysis - you can even take away points from students (if that's what you want to do). 'Demerits' are given out from the same place as the points and you can then easily track these across individuals, tutor groups, year groups and categories. Our schools love how easy it is to track behaviour like this, and because we can link into SIMS, CMIS and Progresso, many schools are using epraise as their primary behaviour data analysis tool.

Is there a video?

Of course - below is a short introduction to epraise. If you want to see more of the system, then we can organise a tour - just get in contact with us here

What is a school rewards system?

School reward systems are where students are awarded praise points, house points, stars, stickers, postcards, merits or commendations for doing something well. This might be for working really hard on a piece of work or based on something like extra curricular involvement, attendance, grades or sticking to the school rules. Students are often rewarded in some way based on how many points they have received with something such as a voucher or a school trip. Most schools have a rewards system in place - we believe that epraise can take your existing rewards system to the next level and help motivate students and teachers further.

Tell me more...

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